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Great book
By Melissa Mendoza "Sorry I'm late I was stuck between a rock and a hard guy" on August 28, 2015

“The entire crew looked worried as I walked off the set sulking. I was headed to my dressing room until I spotted Samantha sitting on an apple box. I snuck up behind her like a giddy schoolboy and began to peer over her shoulder.”

4 surprising stars. I wasn’t expecting much from this book, I won’t lie, but I was pleasantly surprised with how great and funny this book was!! Great read!!!

ANGRY MOVIE GUY is a romantic comedy about a struggling film critic who decides to take on a bad attitude to achieve fame and success as the Angry Movie Guy. When his review destroys the career of a woman he's fallen in love with he must re-think his life.

Can he mend his hateful ways and win her heart?

I really loved this book. The story was well developed and the characters were a lot of fun to read about. I also loved the dropping of actual celebrities names and their “appearances”. Great great book. I was not disappointed at all.

**Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Read and reviewed by Melissa for Alpha Book Club**

Good reading!
By Bookworm on August 28, 2015

Really hot story that was full of surprised.

By Malik on August 28, 2015

Interesting stuff here.

The book was great. I'll pass it on for my wife to ...
By AMA323 on August 29, 2015
The book was great. I'll pass it on for my wife to read. I look forward to seeing more books from Izzy Church in the future!

"I give this film two thumbs down and the middle finger" 

Writing is a dirty business, and that's exactly why I love it. I've been getting my

hands grubby with it ever since I was old enough to pick up a pencil and spell

my name. Izzy Church 

Izzy Church

" Angry Movie Guy is LOL funny! " - MK

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I capture what other author's can't.

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Read the book already!.

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"A fast paced, sometimes slapstick film industry novel with a vibrant cast of characters." - Kirkus Reviews

Hilarious and Witty!
By Michael D. Butler "Michael D. Butler, Sr." on August 25, 2015

I don't normally read fiction but this one I can fully recommend. As a movie lover and a book lover I can recommend this to the fiction lovers and to the non fiction readers who need some side splitting laughs!

I was sucked into Charlie's journey
By mike on August 25, 2015

I couldn't put down this book. I was sucked into Charlie's journey.This not so typical romantic comedy is worth buying and reading! I am excited to see what this author writes next.

A roller coaster ride of suspense, laughter, romance and just a plain ol' great read!
By Charlie Albertell on August 26, 2015

Kudos to Izzy for a wonderful book that paints beautiful pictures in one's mind. I hope the movie is half as great and "Charlie" gives it a thumbs up! This Charlie does!

Angry Movie Guy was not only funny but captivating
By Paul F Studer on August 26, 2015

Angry Movie Guy was not only funny but captivating. Charlie's play on his television "persona" proved to bring him a life of much turmoil and bitterness until he allowed himself to let go of fame and notoriety to become who he really was- A loving and kind person. I see great potential for this story to be put on film.

that I enjoy most. And with a character like Charlie there's ...
By Monique Larini on September 1, 2015

As a book enthusiast its the emotional journey the author takes us on with the character, in this case Charlie, that I enjoy most. And with a character like Charlie there's a pleathera of up and downs and emotional roller coasters. He is the one you love to hate and yet he endures rejection that's relatable for all. Izzy Church transforms my opinion of this unmannered critic who I don't particularly like as Charlie transforms through the book. A must read!!

Fun, Whimsical and Enjoyable Read
By Irina V on September 6, 2015

I really got a kick out of this book. I don't say this about every romantic comedy but Izzy Church made me laugh so much in this book. You'll be glad you bought it too!


Amazing read:-)
By Ania Gurynowicz on August 25, 2015

It is a great read! I wont tell you what it is about as it has to feel authentic! Great work, looking forward to watch it in screen play! It is an awesome addition to your book collection!

I highly recommend this book
By Dibby01 on August 25, 2015

Izzy Church is a remarkable new author on the literary scene. Her debut novel Angry Movie Guy is witty, well-written and thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend this book!

Hilarious, feel-good, love story that should not be missed.
By Jen with Moments in West FL "Jen Cothran"on August 26, 2015

Instead of "two thumbs down, and two middle fingers up" I give Angry Movie Guy a fantastic five star review....Angry Movie Guy is one of those books that bring you along and let you experience that 'ah-ha' moment when you realize your more than what people believe you to be. Although with the title like 'Angry Movie Guy' it's a lot more difficult to come across as a nice guy. And our Guy definitely hasn't been nice. He is quick to temper, doesn't care what people think of him, and over all is really just an a$$! LOL BUT...this book is so much more than just delving into the world of a movie reviewer that has every director wanting their movie loved. It's more than just his horrible/angry reviews. It's also a story of longing and love, with a LOT of speed bumps built along the way.

You ever have a moment where you think you met "THE ONE" and then give up hope because it was that once in a lifetime moment that happened too fast?? Well, what if you're given a second chance, and maybe cosmic fate and the gods of bad karma/luck think you may even need third...fourth...fifth...sixth...​seventh........ ok you get the idea....lets say for safety's sake, our Guy will need as much help as he can get, and it may still not be enough to right the review he gave...unknowingly until too late....to the woman of his dreams. #EPICFAIL

But along comes the funny....as you bear witness to his attempts to correct what should have never happened in the first place, because he missed the whole movie and still made a review of it. From his assistant to his agent and everyone in between, you can't help but giggle when they are dealing with our Guy....so....don't judge this book by reviews or it's cover either, because Angry Movie Guy is a hilarious, feel-good, love story that should not be missed.

Very fun, witty
By Kevin Janaway on August 27, 2015

Very fun, witty, and easy to read. Charlie is a comical somewhat bitter movie critic, who goes through a change when he becomes attracted to someone. Don't want to spoil anything. Very fun, imaginative, witty, real-life type characters, that you always want to see more of. Very highly recommended to anyone obsessed with Show Biz and Pop Culture as much as I am. Would make a great film!

This book is amazing!
By Albert on September 4, 2015

From the moment I first picked up the book I had trouble putting it down! I was glued from the beginning and finished the book in one sitting-- something I rarely do! The characters were great, the story phenomenal! As Charlie says; "I give this book 2 thumbs up and the middle finger!"

Fun, Whimsical and Enjoyable Read
By Irina V on September 6, 2015

I really got a kick out of this book. I don't say this about every romantic comedy but Izzy Church made me laugh so much in this book. You'll be glad you bought it too!

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Amazing New Kind of Romance!
By Katie on August 25, 2015

I really liked it, though in the very beginning I had some minor problems with it. But those were best 2-3 days in my life. Why did I spend so much time reading this particular book? The answer is pretty easy, I’ve been reading first 2 chapters for 2 days only because I was distracted every time by either my parents or my neighbours. So trust me when I got 2 or so hours for myself the remaining 11 chapters went in the blur. So my first advice when you start this book make sure no one disturbs you, otherwise you’ll be losing the thread and it will be damn confusing.

But let me explain why I enjoyed this book and had a smug smile while reading it, crept my granny out all the time. The character that stands out the most, no, which should stand out the most, is Charlie and Astral Charlie. I actually loved Astral Charlie the most. Charlie is a great character. You can’t call him a positive here; neither can you label him as a negative. He’s both and that’s what makes him great to read about. His reviews are just fantastic. I mean it cracked me up so much that I couldn’t contain my laughter. But everything changes when he meets his Dream Girl. But imagine this, our Charlie didn’t even ask her name, and until he meets her again he thinks that it was a hallucination. And trust me, he could really hallucinate her, there’s a lot on his plate right now. Are you ready to know what it means to be Charlie “The Snake” Evans? Are you ready to stand by and watch how he is going to give movies the worst reviews ever? And finally are you ready to find out if the Dream Girl is real or just a dream? If yes, what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to grab your copy and have the best 2 hours of your life.

Or you can keep reading for a bit more, your choice. Besides Charlie and Astral Charlie I had some other favourite and least favourite characters. Let me start with ones that infuriated me. Meet Charlie’s father – Ray. He’s an a…, okay I shouldn’t really swear so I’ll say that he’s the greatest jerk ever. I mean first the guy leaves his son, and then he appears in front of him dating a girl who is younger than his son. I do not have any problems with age differences, but this guy made me sick. Meet Samantha or Sam, Charlie’s assistant. The girl pissed me off so much I didn’t know what to do. For heaven’s sake you’re an assistant; act like one, don’t be a b with an itch all the time! And oh Alex! She’s just amazing. I won’t say who she is as your have to unravel her identity slowly, but how could her slap put Charlie to his knees? Too unrealistic, or Charlie is just too pathetic.

And lastly, the ending. Truthfully I expected more, but it was quite satisfying. Charlie did deserve something good in his life. I hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as I did. Are you ready to dive in a chaotic life of Charlie Zimmerman or should I say Angry Movie Guy? If yes, than get lots of popcorn, this ride is full of humour and interesting characters. Enjoy it to its fullest! Happy reading!

P.S. I still believe Astral Charlie should have had more power! You’ll know what I mean when you read the book. Happy reading!

Lighthearted Romance
By lindylu on August 26, 2015

Charlie was a movie critic, a very grumpy movie critic. He wasn’t always a out spoken jerk, he was a nice guy but he got sick of being taken advantage of. He a hallucinations of himself out of his body and of his dream girl. Then his dream girl becomes reality, and he just so happens to totally ruin any change of ever having her in his life. Now the challenge is on and he is going to win her back in his life. But could he have gone to far for her to forgive him?

This was an interesting read. If you are looking for a light hearted rom-com, this will tickle your funny bone. I laugh out loud with some of the comments he made, I had to explain to my husband what was so funny. I think that Mrs. Izzy Church’s writing was easy to follow, it was my first read for her and I enjoyed it.

Charlie was a little off his rocker but that’s what made his character. You find yourself relating with him and understanding why exactly he is the way he is. I did get a little confused with Astral Charlie’s presence and I wasn’t really sure as to how he helped the situation but he didn’t take away from the story. Charlie was a closet hopeless romantic though and all he wanted to do was woo the girl of his dreams into his arms but instead he unknowingly pushed her far, far away from him. Poor poor Charlie! He seems like such a sweet obnoxious guy.

There were no sexual parts to this story just kissing and talking but there is a little language. :)

By Kenneth Joseph on September 1, 2015

When I saw the title I was curious. It's so ironic! I was in New York and I saw some promo stuff on Angry Movie Guy. So I went to the website and I sent a request for more information. I never thought I would get a call and next thing you know, OMG I DID!!! The author was super cool...OMG!!! I never thought someone would call little old me....LOL!!! Well I am happy! www.angrymovieguy.com....Woohooo!!



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"A fast paced, sometimes slapstick film industry novel with a vibrant cast of characters." -Kirkus Reviews

Fun, Whimsical and Enjoyable Read
By Irina V on September 6, 2015

I really got a kick out of this book. I don't say this about every romantic comedy but Izzy Church made me laugh so much in this book. You'll be glad you bought it too!

Wonderful book!
By Rosemary Goddard on August 25, 2015

I really loved reading this book! The character Charlie and his astral self are a lot of fun to be around. The angry movie critic persona has taken over Charlie's life and even though it's gotten him a great job with lots of money it has done nothing to help his underlying emotional problems. Not to mention that it has gotten in the way of him possibly finding love with the beautiful movie director Alex. Charlie trashes her movie just like every other movie he's ever reviewed and the results of this review are very hurtful. The author Izzy Church did a fantastic job in creating Charlie and all his eccentricities.

A different kind of romance. A good read.
By Sharon on August 25, 2015

I like this book. It is a different and entertaining and worth reading.

The main character, Charlie Evans (Zimmerman) made me laugh. He is so far out there and typical of many movie critics I’ve read--mean.

Charlie is a damaged soul who completely changes his personality to be successful. His mother, an actress, died when he was a boy. Charlie’s devastated father turns him over to his crazy Aunt Hilda. This whole situation causes Charlie emotional trauma and abandonment issues.

Charlie never resolves his father’s abandonment. At first he understands that his father is hurting too but eventually dad moves on and has many flings. For Charlie this is a slap at his mother.

Needless to say Charlie spends years in therapy. Dr. Bloom is a hoot and unconventional but he wants to help Charlie move forward.

“I’ll tell you why Charlie. It’s simple… you like to suffer! You are here because you haven’t learned how to let go.

After many unsuccessful attempts to get hired as a movie critic, Charlie writes a scathing review that is surprisingly published. The review and a connection to Charlie’s dad brings Harry Puebei into his life. Harry convinces Charlie that he needs to put away the “nice guy” and come up with a gimmick if he wants to be a successful movie critic.

“Listen, the point is you have to stand out. You need a public persona.” I looked worried. “A persona?” Harry huffed, “Yes, Charlie! No one wants to hear some dumb chump’s opinion. I hear a bad review and I go out and see the damn picture anyway, just to see for myself.”

With that the Angry Movie guy is born and leads to monetary success but an unhappy life continues. Unfortunately Harry convinces Charlie to see an indie film that Charlie pans. Unbeknownst to Charlie the movie turns out to be the life work of a woman he is crazy about and he wants a date. Alex hates him after that and he spends all his time trying to come up with gifts and stunts to make her see the real Charlie.

I like the characters. I like how Charlie’s character is revealed. He is more than the man on TV so full of anger and hate but underneath that angry exterior is a kind man.

For the most part the book is told from Charlie’s point of view. The story flows smoothly and is an easy read. What I didn’t like or understand completely is the “astral Charlie”. It is an interesting technique to switch to the other characters’ point of view. In that sense it works well. However, often I couldn’t figure out what the deal is with astral and I want him to get lost.

You will enjoy the story. Astral is only a slight annoyance to me and I think many readers will like him. It isn’t the typical cookie cutter romance. The Angry Movie Guy has a nice array of characters and holds the readers interest. I'm looking forward to more books by this author. I recommend it.